Birth Support


Pregnancy and birth are a journey, an adventure into the great unknown. A birth doula helps to make the road ahead as smooth as possible, so you can enjoy more of the view. From prenatal preparation and breastfeeding guidance, to hands on labor and birth support, we work with you to help ensure you have everything you need to have a fabulous birth.

Postpartum Support


You made it! Your new baby is in arms and you're ready to bring her home... wait, what!? We have to take the baby home all by ourselves? Don't worry, a postpartum doula can be the perfect support system as you and your family adjust. A mix of practical support around the home, useful insight on caring for a newborn, and gentle emotional support can be magical.

Meet Sesch


I LOVE my job! I have 11 years of experience supporting pregnant and birthing families.  Each birth brings with it its own set of challenges and joys. Every family has their own unique ways they shine and strengthen each other.  For me, it is an honor to be there through it all! How did I make my way to becoming a doula?



“After being fortunate enough to have Sesch by my side during my pregnancy, through labor, and for postpartum support, I can honestly say I don't know why any woman would deliver without a doula” ~Terra