You've got this.

From the moment the test turns positive, to the first time you lay eyes on your baby, pregnancy is extraordinary!  No matter what sort of birth you are planning, whether that plan goes perfectly, or a new path emerges that you never expected. Hiring a doula means having the tools to greet your birth fully prepared and beautifully supported, with the reassurance that whatever labor brings, you've got this. You have the resources to rock your birth.  To feel confident making well informed choices, for yourself and your baby.  Doula support provides comfort, encouragement, and compassion exactly when you need it, personalized to you and you family.  It means your birthing partner is free to be there just for you without having to worry about anything else. Take your time, work together, cuddle and connect as your baby makes his way into your arms. Let me support you both by taking care of all the practical concerns, answering questions and soothing worries as they come up, and by providing gentle guidance for you both. It's YOUR labor, soak it up, live in every moment, enJOY!


Packages start at $650 and can be tailored to meet your needs.  Labor packages include:

  • At least one prenatal meeting in your home.

  • Attendance at your birth for the duration, with NO additional fees or time restrictions. 

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support.

  • Access to an extensive lending library including our Always Available Program.

  • Access to a Babycare TENS unit during labor.

  • A FREE art casting of your baby's hand or foot, to be done at your postpartum visit.  (not available with packages that do not have a postpartum visit.)

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A doula is right for you if...

Your ideal birth is a hospital birth.

You're not alone!  For many parents to be, the hospital feels like the right choice for them. It's the place you feel safest and most relaxed.  Or it might be that you're giving birth surgically, would like to have an epidural, or have other medical needs. A doula enables you to get the most out of your hospital experience.  From preparing you for what to expect, helping to make communication with the staff easier, and knowing the little tricks to make you comfortable in the hospital, we are there for you. And when shift change comes, your doula stays right by your side. 

A natural delivery is your dream. 

Some mamas have always known they wanted to give birth at home. Others are just starting to explore the idea of an intervention free hospital delivery or a water birth at the birthing center. A doula is the perfect addition to your birthing team, and can be invaluable as you work toward making your dream a reality. No matter the setting, birth is a challenge! Sesch brings experience, plenty of tips and techniques to help your labor progress efficiently and ease discomfort, supportive open arms, and an unshakable belief that you can do it.  

You're tough as nails! Um, usually...

So, you're a little apprehensive, nervous... so scared your knees are trembling? How perfectly normal of you! Personally I've had 3 babies, and I was nervous every single time, but I did it anyway! And you will too, I promise. Doula care gives you a place to air it all out. During your prenatal meetings together, we will have the chance to talk about anything that might be worrying you, and make a plan for your delivery. When the day comes your doula knows exactly what worries you have, and she has your back. Because some fears just don't feel as scary with a sidekick along.  

It's all a bit overwhelming!

As a parent to be, get ready for a lot of information to be thrown at you. It seems there is another choice around every corner, and having options is a great thing to be sure. But it can also be hard to sort through just what all your options actually are. What are the reasons to (or not to) choose a specific option? Lets make sure your questions are answered, so you can make the choices that fit you best.

Your partner is your hero.

They know you inside and out, they are the person you want with you through it all. We get that completely. Doula support affords partners the luxury of relaxing into labor with you, knowing that they don't need to remember every massage technique or medical term. Always having someone to look to if they have a moment of uncertainly, and never leaving you unsupported if they need to grab some food, or run to the loo. Doula care means being able to labor together in whatever way works best for you as a couple.  If ever your partner is not able to be at your side, while we will never be able to fill their shoes, we can certainly make sure you have fabulous care in their absence.  

It's a day you will always remember.

A beautiful birth can look 100 different ways to 100 different people, And for every birth there are a thousand memories created. I want you to remember how perfect your baby was, and how your partner cried. To remember how strong you felt and how proud you were to be a parent. And I want you to remember how exquisitely you were taken care of! As your doula I am there to increase joy wherever I can, to ensure that your memory of the day, no matter how it plays out, contains as much sunshine as possible. After all, this baby has but one birthday, and you will remember it forever.  


"During labor, Sesch provided a calming supportive presence that allowed me to labor at home as long as possible, and helped my husband be more actively involved in supporting me" ~Sarah

Your birth experience is coming