Adventure awaits! But first, a babymoon.  

The early days of parenthood are so sweet and they come and go so quickly! These are days to savor. Days to be filled with naps, baby snuggles and warm muffins with butter. But the reality is that new families have a lot going on after a baby arrives. You are healing from birth and learning to breastfeed. Your birth experience is still fresh in your mind, and your hormones are quickly adjusting. Your fresh new baby is also adjusting to life outside of the womb and the whole family is figuring out how best to care for this new person (who seems to have brought an awful lot of gear with them!) Its easy to see how the postpartum experience could become more stressful than blissful. The support of a postpartum doula helps to shift the focus. We are there to make sure you get that shower or snack you need. To help with practical tasks like setting up your breast pump, figuring out the baby carrier, or giving baby his first bath. With years of experience, both personally and professionally, we offer insight and suggestions for infant care and feeding and can answer questions as they come up. Your doula is there to meet the needs of the whole family by helping with laundry, meal prep, or giving older siblings a bit of one on one time they crave.  I've even been known to braid a toddler pig tail or two! Sometimes, especially if your road to parenthood has been bumpy, what you most need is a compassionate ear and a cup of tea. With great support you can allow worries to melt away and truly sink into your babymoon.  



Packages start at $150, and can be customized to fit your needs. Packages include:

  • Unlimited support by phone, text or email in addition to your in home support.

  • Access to an extensive lending library including our Always Available Program.

  • Access to Information about community resources, and referrals as necessary (lactation consultants, Breastfeeding support groups, etc.)

  • FREE art casting of your baby's hand or foot, to be done in your home. (Sweet beginnings package only)


Look forward to...

  • Emotional support for new parents.

  • Support for siblings.

  • Light meal prep.

  • Endless cups of tea.

  • Breastfeeding support.

  • Information on postpartum healing and recovery.

  • Guidance on baby gear usage such as your breast pump or baby carrier.

  • Information on newborn care.

  • Insight into infant sleep and how adults can get enough too.

  • Time to relax and snuggle your baby.

  • Time for self care.

  • Extra love for family pets.

  • Help navigating a traumatic birth experience.

  • Light house cleaning.

"Through this wonderful journey Sesch has been the greatest support. I cannot express how much I appreciate all she has done for us." -Ieva

It's time to relax and snuggle your baby.