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Evidence based practice is the cornerstone of my work as a doula. I pride myself on staying up to date with the latest research, techniques and practices, and I can help guide you toward the information you want and need.

Benefit from my experience

I have been working as a doula since 2008, helping more than 150 families have fabulous births and calm postpartum periods. Let me bring my experienced doula hands, head and heart, to your family.

Come as you are

I am committed to serving our diverse and varied community.  No matter what kind of birth you are having, no matter what kind of family you are.  I'm your gal.  This is a judgement and discrimination free zone!



My career as a doula began very simply, with the birth of my friend's daughter. She was looking for extra support during her upcoming birth, and she asked me if I would come. Of course agreed to attend, it was so exciting. When the call finally came one snowy night, that she was in labor, I grabbed my bag and headed off to my very first doula gig, without even knowing what a doula was. I spent the next day or so doing whatever I could to help, making coffee, fetching towels, and walking the dog, all while watching my friend with such great awe. At the end of it all, a fresh baby was born, a mother and a father were born, and a doula was born too. Birth was amazing and I was hooked.

And now

Flash forward to the present and I find myself privileged to have been attending births for more than decade. Three of these births were my own! I am the proud mama of a little girl and two sweet boys. All three of their births were so different, one hospital birth and two home births, each with its own lessons to teach me. Outside of my doula practice, my days are now spent hiking and exploring with my little ones. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, and I still love to dip my toe into artistic waters. These days my artistic outlet is in ceramics and lifecasting. I am also a recreational runner, I even train for a half marathon from time to time. I haven't managed the full marathon distance since having kids, but one day I hope to again! I am an active member of Pikes Peak Regional Doula Association.  


Training, classes and workshops


"I have had the privilege of having Sesch attend two of my three children's births. My first delivery was without her presence, and I only wish I had known her before that experience. Sesch was literally a game changer. She kept the lights low, the interruptions to a minimum, and motivated me when I needed it most. She was a warm, caring and effective partner for two of the most important moments of my life" ~Sarah

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